A 501(c)3 Charity



Restoration America is dedicated to restoring,rehabilitating, and stabilizing communities. Through generous donations from individuals and corporations of distressed and abandoned properties, Restoration America has been able to help make the American dream of home ownership possible. Here are some of the most recent projects we are working on and some completed getting ready for veterans to move in to.

Recent Projects

Seabeck, WA-Recently Sold

 Overton, NV-For Sale

Montgomery,IL-Recently Sold

River Grove,IL-Recently Sold to a Veteran

Zion,IL-Recently Sold








South Holland,IL-Recently Sold

Restoration America is a
501(c)3 chartitable organization and a HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency.

We specialize in :

  • Restoration and Repair of homes
  • Revitalization of Abandoned Properties to help stabilize neighborhoods
  • Housing Programs and project for the aging
  • Training and work study programs for Veterans
  • Real Estate Donation program
  • Grant Assistance
  • Assistance with Foreclosures
  • Financial Education and Training