A 501(c)3 Charity


Mortgage Deliquency/Foreclosure Intervention Counseling

Free HUD-approved counseling is provided for homeowners who have become delinquent on their mortgage payments. Trained counselors will lead you through the maze of options available depending on the type of mortgage you have and the amount of arrearage you are experiencing. Most often, if you desire to stay in your home and have sufficient current income to pay your mortgage going forward, a plan can be worked out with your mortgagee to retain ownership.




In an effort to help stop foreclosures and assist with stabilizing neighborhoods in our communities, we are participating in multiple programs and have become affiliated with housing counseling intermediaries.  These intermediaries and programs provide grant and program funding so that we can offer mortgage delinquency counseling and workshops free of charge to homeowners struggling to keep their homes.


If you would like to make an appointment with our agency please download our intake package and follow the instructions on Page 1 of the  Intake Package

Restoration America is a
501(c)3 chartitable organization and a HUD approved Housing Counseling Agency.

We specialize in :

  • Restoration and Repair of homes
  • Revitalization of Abandoned Properties to help stabilize neighborhoods
  • Housing Programs and project for the aging
  • Training and work study programs for Veterans
  • Real Estate Donation program
  • Grant Assistance
  • Assistance with Foreclosures
  • Financial Education and Training